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Production Quality Control - Rictron

1. Raw materials checking. We will check the raw materials of each components before assembly. If our QC found some defective materials, we will pick them up first. If the defective materials are beyond 2%, we will return all the materials to the supplier or let the supplier to pick up all the defective ones to send us the replacement.

2. Semi-finished products checking. When we finish the first assembly of the product, we will do the aging test to check all the semi-finished products to ensure the product function is OK.

3. Finished products checking. After finishing the production, we will do the aging test again for 24 hours and also do port-check of the product appearance and package. If we found any problems, such the defective products or missing the accessories, we will re-work to check all the products one by one, to ensure all the products are OK before shipment.

Once we get to larger quantities we can have an auditing company inspect product before shipping.

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