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Almost every day we hear about another one - a gas leak in a home, building or other structure causes an explosion that levels the building and often kills or injures men, women and children. Almost all of us know about a home, building or rv explosion caused by leaking Natural Gas, Propane, or a CO gas fatality. Sometimes people are killed, sometimes it's property damage. Although almost all homes have alarms for gas this still goes on - nearly daily. Introducing Sierra Life and Safety Company which today introduces a technology to greatly reduce this problem. Sierra Life and Safety Company combines a gas detector and alarm with a valve to shut off the gas source automatically upon detection of leaking gas. By shutting off the gas source - Sierra Life and Safety's new revolutionary product will save lives as people sleep and save buildings when no one is home to hear the alarm. This patented technology is now available in the marketplace from Sierra Life and Safety Company.

According to Sierra Life and Safety President and CEO Len Kain "The technology is now available to take a major step beyond the simple gas alarm. We can automatically shut off the source of the gas - saving the home or building. Our patented technology is a combination of a detector, alarm and valve to shut off the source of the problem and not just warn you about it." Someday every home and building should have one of the these products."

The companies first product is the SLS CO Plus which is available now. It sells for $299.00. Other products are the CO Lite - a flashlight that also warns you if there is a CO gas leak and the Dooms Daylite - for power outages and other occasions.

Our Officers:
President: Len Kain
Vice President: Jeff Ellison
Secretary: Sharon Ellison
Treasurer: Brandi Blauvelt

Sales: Joel Mumey

Our Directors:
Walter Blauvelt
Len Kain
Jeff Ellison

Our President and CEO:

Len Kain


1983 - Stevens Institute of Technology (Hoboken, NJ) Bachelor of Engineering
1985 - Stanford University (Palo Alto, CA) Masters of Electrical Engineering
1998 - University of Phoenix (San Jose, CA) Masters of Business Administration


1998 - 2017: Inc. (California and Alaska)

Ran most operations of the websites and These websites averaged over 200,000 monthly visitors and about 1 in 300 Americans visited one of the sites each year. 

1996- 2000: ImaginOn, Inc.  (San Jose, CA)

Cofounded this Silicon Valley Startup which eventually became a public company and served as vice-president of engineering. 

1991 - 1996: Compression Labs, Inc. (San Jose, CA)

Served as real-time systems manager. Managed up to 11 engineers and worked on software and attended International video and communications standards meetings on behalf of the company throughout the world. 

1988 - 1991: Telebit, Inc. (San Jose, CA)

Served as software manager from early stage through IPO.

1986 - 1988: CompuSonics Corp. (Palo Alto, CA)

Served as Director of Software Development at this early digital audio company. 

1983 - 1986: Lockheed Corp. (Mountain View, CA)

Worked on computer software in assembly language.

Other Skills - Interview applicants for Stanford University. Have coached basketball.

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