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CO PLUS - CO, Natural Gas and Propane Sensor and Shutdown Valve

Almost every day we hear about another one - a gas leak in a home, building or other structure causes an explosion that levels the building and often kills or injures men, women and children. Almost all of us know about a home, building or rv explosion caused by leaking Natural Gas, Propane, or a CO gas fatality. Sometimes people are killed, sometimes it's property damage. Although almost all homes have alarms for gas this still goes on - nearly daily. Introducing Sierra Life and Safety Company which today introduces a technology to greatly reduce this problem. Sierra Life and Safety Company combines a gas detector and alarm with a valve to shut off the gas source automatically upon detection of leaking gas. By shutting off the gas source - Sierra Life and Safety's new revolutionary product will save lives as people sleep and save buildings when no one is home to hear the alarm. This patented technology is now available in the marketplace from Sierra Life and Safety Company.
CO PlusCO Plus
CO Lite - Industrial Flashlight which includes a CO Gas sensor and alarm

This industrial flashlight includes a 1000 lumen rechargable LED flashlight,  A CO (Carbon Monoxide) detector and alarm and more. There is a USB port for use with a cell phone and it has an aircraft aluminum body. Perfect for those jobs that put you in enclosed areas at risk of CO gas leaks.
CO Lite
Dooms Daylite - Flashlight, Radio and Charger for when the power is out

What will you do when the power goes out? Call out your new Dooms Daylite! This lite is not another flashlight, although it has one. It has an AM/FM radio to hear the local news. It can CHARGE YOUR PHONE or your batteries. Runs out of power? It can be cranked for power indefinately. The light you can't do without.
Dooms Day Lite

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